AVANT Mediation

Everyone has their own narrative and every narrative is different. In a situation where tension might have built up, both parties are certain of their own narrative. In my humble opinion, this is where I can make a difference and act as an interlocutor by offering customization that creates space to have a look in the other one’s narrative. I am doing this in an explorative, binding and honest manner. Following the pace of the parties involved, I facilitate the mediation in a way in that both parties can investigate what outcome fits them best. This is how a new narrative starts.

1. Gratis kennismakingsgesprek

Dit eerste gesprek is bedoeld om kennis met elkaar te maken. We kijken waar jullie wensen en behoeften liggen en welk traject hier het beste bij past. Ik zal ook aangeven wat jullie kunnen verwachten en wat mijn rol hierin zal zijn.