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AVANT Mediation

My name is W.E. Aaltink, MA, MSc (William) and my interests do not lie in the controversy amongst people as such, but rather in the reciprocity of the relations between people. These relations, that move from disturbed to restored and from unequal to symbiotic -in short: the interaction between people- have always sparked my curiosity. This is why I have studied sociology in Amsterdam and Singapore. It was during this time when I already noticed that, how elusive at first glance, action-reaction between people can become almost logic if one has a look in someone’s narrative. In a way, this is the Thomas theorem: ‘if men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences’.

Following my studies in Sociology, I worked in the financial world in which I learned how important it is to have and gain an overview in major life events, such as a divorce or a disturbed employment relationship. The peace that a third party – like a mediator, can bring on financial or legal matters, provides the space to hold on for a moment to one’s own and the other’s narrative. With this knowledge at hand, I decided to take the step to get a master in Diplomacy and, at the same time, to get a master in Conflict Resolution, both in Barcelona. During those studies, I expanded my legal, fiscal and psychological knowledge. I did this in order to be able to facilitate a conversation in all the aspects of importance in mediation.

Everyone has their own narrative and every narrative is different. In a situation where tension might have built up, both parties are certain of their own narrative. In my humble opinion, this is where I can make a difference and act as an interlocutor by offering customization that creates space to have a look in the other one’s narrative. I am doing this in an explorative, binding and honest manner. Following the pace of the parties involved, I facilitate the mediation in a way in that both parties can investigate what outcome fits them best. This is how a new narrative starts.